The United States Of The Middle Of Uncle Marriage Essay

The United States Of The Middle Of Uncle Marriage Essay

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My story started on November 16, 1994, born in the middle of Uncle marriage. I was born in China, Guangdong province. The ten years of living experience in China were excellent; everything had changed with the decision of moving to the United States when I was age 11. The trip to Chicago is my first time traveling on planes; it was nerve-racking at the time same excitement coming along. where in the United States we can finally be reunited with the family and meet my great grandmother. I rarely hear details about how 's great grandmother life in America, but I do know great grandmother is half Japanese and half Chinese. I was very excited to hear about her story and life in America; sadly I don’t have the chance to listen patiently to her story before she passes away after a week we settle in Chicago. Living condition in Chicago was not as good as we expected due to Both my parent does not speak English. being a new immigrant and does not speak English finding a stable job were not easy and all they can take is long hour work shift with minimum pay to support the family of four spending. Few year had passed by as everything is getting better in the United States; I fell very fortune thanks to my parent hardworking I can call myself a Chicagoan. I am trying very hard to be the first generation attended college and first to study abroad in Japan is something that I can do to make my family proud. because of my heritage of Chinese and Japanese it has built on my interest in studying East Asian Language and Culture as my major along with a social work minor. I want to understand more about Japanese, Chinese culture, and language to expense my knowledge of the two countries I had a close bond.

The reason I had chosen Japan as my stud...

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...ill be the hardest to overcome. traveling outside of United state to Japan was the first time I am away from the family for an extended period and I expected will be homesick during the first week in Japan. I absolutely know I will overcome the obstetrical of homesick once class being, and then I will be more focus on school. Getting used to living in Japan as well as create bonds with the host family. Another two challenge I had expected to occur is the language barrier and culture different because I do not have any prior Japanese language skill, or I have lived most of my life in the United States and China, my cultural experience is very limited. Because of the existence of these challenges, it keeps me being an optimize person to overcome the challenges and looking forward daily living in Japan; experience residing in Kobe, Japan to broaden my culture worldwide.

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