United States of Mexico: The Day of Death

United States of Mexico: The Day of Death

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I have learned some interesting things on the country of Mexico. Everything about their culture to how and where they have lived and died. Mexico is a interesting and different country known for ita heritage and beloved the world over. I am about to show you why,

In the Mexican way of life, family is very imprtant. Traditional values, mexican culture and customs and family are the main focus of many homes throughout Mexico. Most Mexican women do not have jobs outside of the home because it is considered non traditional. One unusual Mexican custom is known as Day of the Dead. On this day, many Mexicans believe that their recently deceased relatives will return home. On November 1st of each year, family members whom believe, gather at their loved ones grave site and have food and drink and celebrate with the dead.

Mexican culture leans more on helping each other and their communities than themselves. Food, religion, housing, etc. are all shared experiences in the Mexican culture. Although Mexicans are known for a wide variety of colorful foods, corn is still considered that staple of the Mexican diet. People may tend to identify with Mexican food with tacos or burritos but their are alot more varieties of foods to chose from. Tomatoes to tamallies, squash to hot and spicy peppers, and avacados to mangos are all a cheerful part of the traditional Mexican dinner table.

Catholic churches have the highest percentage of the Mexican population as members. Although the number of Catholics in Mexico have decreased over the last few years due to the rise in Christianity, Catholicism is still the dominant religion throught the country.

Clothing in Mexico is as unique as the indiviual who choses to where it. Young people may chose to where plain white t-shirts, jeans and sneakers or buttoned down shirts, khakis and loafers. Traditional clothing, such as a Puebla or a brightly colored flowered dressi s very popular still. Men may choose to wear a Serpa or shawl and the well known Sombrero.

Housing is one of Mexico's most serious and large problems because there are not enough houses to go around.

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When President Calderon took office in Mexico in 2006, he commited to builing an additional 6 million homes by 2012. He was able to complete around 4 million homes by the time he left office.

Mexico's economy is the 14th largest in the world. They also have one of the lowest intrest rates of all. Although on paper this seems like it could be a good thing, it is not for Mexico. Mexico also has one of the largest economic gaps between the rich and the poor. Over 52% of Mexican citizens are now below poverty level.

Mexico has a large and various animal population and plant life. A few animals found only in Mexico include the tropical ground squirrel, the volcano rabbit, the bearded wood partridge and the Mexican horned pit viper. A few of the rare plants found only in Mexico include the artichoke cactus, the oldman cactus and a Boojum tree which sometimes may look like a 50 foot tall upside down carrot or something out of a Dr. Suess story.

Most of the land in Mexico is covered by plateaus or mountains. There are five major geological regions in Mexico. They include the Central Plateaus, the Sierra Madres, the Chiapas Highlands, the Gulf Coastal Plains, and the Lower California Desert Region. Nearly half of the people in Mexico live in the southern part of the Platuea Region.

In 1519, Cortez landed in Mexico. Shortly there after, the Spanish over threw the Aztec Warriors. Mexico was then called "New Spain" for almost 300 years. In the early 1800's, Napolean sold New Spain to the U.S. In 1846, the U.S.-Mexican War began over the rights to Texas. As a result, Texas became a part of the U.S. and the U.S. ended up taking almost half of Mexico's territory.

In conclusion, Mexico is a colorful place with a diverse culture. Mexico has had many struggles not only for land but for its people. Family, community,tradition and culture are a vital part if what makes Mexico a beautiful country.

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