The United States Of Americ The Principle Of Land Of The Free, Home, And The Brave

The United States Of Americ The Principle Of Land Of The Free, Home, And The Brave

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America is built on the principle of “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”. That means, the United States of America is a country made up of different cultures and beliefs. We as a country accept all religions, cultures and backgrounds. It was Native Americans who first discovered this great land on which we enjoy our Freedom on every single day. Thanksgiving, an American holiday, was first brought about from the Pilgrims after their Harvest, to celebrate their accomplishment of discovering the “New World.” Some Native Americans were also in attendance for this great feast. Somewhere, over the years, the comradery among cultures, would slowly diminish between the Americans and immigrants coming into the country.
In a country that is made up of different cultures and backgrounds, a person is bound to meet someone of another culture. Intercultural is a substantially broad term. It could mean a person of a different cultures including people of different religious beliefs. I will address five positive and unique aspects of being in an intercultural relationship in this country. “In 2000, 7.4% of all married-couple households and 15% of all opposite-sex unmarried-couple households involved partners of different races or origins” (Silva, Campbell, Wright, 2012). My first positive aspect of intercultural relationships would be learning about another culture or religion. Being exposed to someone else’s customs and courtesies can really broaden your knowledge base on the more diverse world around you. You can essentially exchange your beliefs and traditions with your partner and gain a great understanding of your diversity.
Secondly, being in an intercultural relationship, you are exposed to new ways of thinking. With an intercultural re...

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...nd your partner 's individual relationship.
Fourth, the minority community might shame the individual for dating outside of their culture. It is easy to pass prejudice against someone who goes against the “norm”. People might say, “Why did you feel the need to date outside of your culture, when you already have individuals here with the same beliefs that you do”. It is easy to be swayed to go into another direction then the one that you want to pursue.
Lastly, people may not be ready to learn all of what the other’s culture entails. A person should, of course, learn about the other’s lifestyle, then pass judgement on what they want to do from then on out. It may be difficult to sway a little bit away from your normal while exploring your partner’s way of life. It all depends on the individual person.
One of the above reasons that pertain to me would have to be famil

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