United States Of Americ The Land Of Opportunity, Or The Greatest Country On Earth

United States Of Americ The Land Of Opportunity, Or The Greatest Country On Earth

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The United States of America is often called the land of opportunity, or the Greatest Country on earth. Journeying from all around the globe, people come to America seeking many things such as prosperity or “the American dream.” Regardless of whoever anyone is and where he or she comes from, there is one thing guaranteed above all else that every single person on U.S. soil will have to do. That thing is called paying taxes. Taxes are everywhere, and they are necessary; taxes provide revenue for the government, so that the government can provide its people services and benefits such as roads, welfare, and national defense. The highest tax rate in the U.S. is almost 40% and the lowest is 10%— the tax system is progressive which means the more money a taxpayer makes, the higher he or she is taxed on that money per tax bracket. This can be seen as very unfair, as taxpayers are being discriminated against for making more money than other. While there does have to be higher tax rates in order to maintain government revenue, it can be made much fairer. The U.S. tax system can be reformed to be more reasonable with taxing to promote more efficient economic growth while maximizing government revenues and taxpayer incomes.
Taxes and the federal tax system have always been a heavily debated topic. Politicians always claim tax reform and never perform, or they claim tax cuts and raise them. The government has three major sources of revenue. Almost half government revenue comes from federal income tax and then about a third comes from payroll tax and then about a tenth comes from corporate taxes.; the rest comes from excise and other miscellaneous taxes. For 2015, 47% of government revenue is expected from federal income tax (1.48 trillion) a...

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...mulate economy growth, a 15% trade tax on all imports should be implemented along with a 30% tax on imports from American companies that manufactured goods overseas, essentially a tax for outsourcing American jobs. This will help prevent American jobs from going overseas and produce more government revenue.
To sum it up, the American tax system can be more effectively implemented. It unfairly taxes different classes too much or too little. Also, it can be fairer and more reasonable to all taxpayers of different incomes. It also taxes corporations too much. The tax system also can take advantage of other avenues of taxes by reducing them to increase consumer income, and increase other to maximize government revenue. In the end, the system can be refined, so that it maximizes taxpayer income to promote economic growth yet at the same time maximize government revenue.

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