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The United States Naval Academy Essay

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The United States Naval Academy was created in 1845 by George Bancroft who was the Secretary of the Navy. It is the second oldest academy out of the United States ' five service academies. The campus is three hundred and thirty eight acres, it was built on the old grounds of Fort Severn. It is a medium-sized military academy that offers many different bachelor degrees and learning options. They have a nine percent acceptance rate. The most popular bachelors are Engineering, Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences. Within the school there is different study options. There is double major, honors programs, studying abroad, and many computer courses. One of the appealing aspects of the Naval Academy is that I would have a very personalized experience, the ratio of students to teachers is eight to one so I would not have too much trouble receiving assistance. When I start receiving pilot training I will continue to be given personalized training. I trust that I will be able to continue after my first year because ninety eight percent of sophomores return after freshman year. I am also confident I will graduate and achieve my goals based on the eighty six percent graduation rate. One of the things I am looking for is diversity and the Naval Academy has plenty of it. Fifty seven percent of the students ethnicity is unknown and ninety three percent of the students are from out of state. I am very excited about the activities and facilities that the Naval Academy offers. They have many buildings such as an observatory,propulsion laboratories, and hypersonic wind tunnels. They also have many sports ranging from baseball to water polo. The greatest thing about the Naval Academy is that it has no financial aid, that is be...

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...fifty three percent live in college housing. There is men’s, women’s, and coed housing, as well as housing for the disabled and theme housing. Whitworth’s activities are very wide in variety, ranging from drama to jazz band. They posses great facilities such as a rec center with an indoor track, a climbing wall, courts and fitness center, and a radio station. Although they are not renowned for their sports, Whitworth has enough to satisfy anyone wanting to lay some form of intramural sport. The most important factors of applying are your GPA, application essay, and recommendations. In-state fees are about 52,390 dollars on campus and 46,716 dollars off campus. The great thing is that out-of-state fees are no different than in state fees. Luckily, eighty one percent of needs are met and an amazing one hundred percent of freshmen who need financial aid receive it.

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