United States Military And Financial Contributions Essay

United States Military And Financial Contributions Essay

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The UN also poses a challenge to sovereignty through the obligations required of its members. Firstly, each member is required to make both military and financial contributions in order to allow the UN to function more effectively. By making this contribution a requirement instead of an option, the UN gains partial control over the economic and military sovereignty of its members. In reality, this poses little challenge to sovereignty as membership in the UN is freely entered into by states. The same can be said about international laws and norms- a “norm” being an international standard generally adhered to by the majority of states- implemented by the UN. By enjoying sovereign equality in the UN regardless of power, states are subjected to the “duty to comply with international obligations and to pursue peace” (Kolb 2010; p. 37). The problem here concerns who decides what will be a “norm”: the general assembly of the UN. The ideas stemming from this “forum” purport to be fully representative, yet state representation in the general assembly is not always a reflection of the will of its people. Not only are there minority governments embodying entire states, but there is an imbalance between the representation of the global west and south. With a clear imbalance comes an implementation of norms that seem to only apply to “western” culture. This presents a challenge to sovereignty as in a way, the cultural sovereignty of the global south is being violated. On the other hand, although the UN requires its members to follow the laws and norms it puts in place, it has no real power to enforce this. As Macqueen (2010; p. 40) says, “there is no supranational sovereignty that can forcefully impose order, or insist on the execut...

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...an protection, as well as challenging the idea that sovereignty is an inherent right entitled to all governments, no matter the will of the people. Furthermore, the financial and military contributions as well as the compliance with- possibly western orientated- international laws and norms can be “extremely burdensome” (Macqueen, 2010; p. 58). However, the need for reform of this notion of sovereignty has been highlighted by many influential figures. The extent to which the UN poses a challenge to sovereignty is lessened when considering sovereignty as a responsibility- not a right- which allows for the current nature of warfare as well as creating a firmer foundation for humanitarian intervention. In my opinion, this reform is necessary in order to see the continued survival of the UN as an effective organisation in maintaining international peace and security.

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