Essay on The United States Marine Corps: Personal Perspective on Lack of Passion

Essay on The United States Marine Corps: Personal Perspective on Lack of Passion

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“Is it time to go home yet?” is the most common phrase heard around the Marine Corps on weekdays in my opinion, except for Friday when it’s “not bravo’s again.” Our service has slowly transformed to an organization that embraces life behind a desk and doing the bare minimum to collect a guaranteed paycheck until they retire. We are without passion and zeal in our service, lost is the mentality that we are getting paid to do what we do. The lack of enthusiasm in our corps is prominent in all ranks from high to low; it spans every facet of military life to include our work ethic, physical fitness and education.
We take for granted our way of life in the Marine Corps, and it is evident in the work ethic of the average Marine. We are not grateful that we are employed in this day and age, even though a large number of those who have ended their service are struggling to find jobs. In late 2013 “unemployment rate for veterans who have served since 9/11 stood at 10 percent, with 246,000 out of work, ” according to the Council of Economic Advisers. That is just over the amount of active duty Marines, totaling 194,765 as of October 2013. Imagine if every Marine in the Marine Corps woke up tomorrow and got a phone call telling them they were out of a job. No pay, basic allowance for housing, medical, nor any other benefits that we enjoy as service members. Marines don’t have to worry if they will receive a paycheck or if they will be able to afford insurance next month, until they leave the service. With those entitlements we are required to do our jobs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year until we hang the uniform in our closet for the last time. Marines, to include some in my command, are so focused on their “live...

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