Essay on The United States Judicial System

Essay on The United States Judicial System

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The United States Judicial System is made up of several different courts, which includes the federal court system, the state court system, and the local court system. All three of those court systems handle different types of cases and have their internal structures and roles.
The hierarchal structure of the federal court system consists of the Supreme Court, Courts of Appeals, Bankruptcy Appellate Panels, District Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, and Article I Courts (Hogan, 2010). The Supreme Court is the highest court in the nation. Its primary role is to review decisions made by lower courts of appeals, where the case involves the federal law or Constitutional law. The Court of Appeals primary role is to hear cases involving challenges to the judgment made in District Courts, as well as appeals from federal administrative agencies decisions. Bankruptcy Appellate Panels primary role is to hear decisions made in bankruptcy court and determine if they follow the law. District Courts primary role is to determine all facts and evidence in a case while applying the law to decide who is right. Bankruptcy Courts primary role is to handle bankruptcy cases involving individuals or businesses. Article I Courts primary role consists of handling cases for the United States Tax Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and the United States Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims.
In Oregon, the state courts hierarchal structure consists of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts, and the Tax Court (, 2014). The Supreme Court’s primary role is to review judgments made in the Circuit Courts, Tax Court, and the Court of Appeals, to determine if the judgment is lawful and correct. The Cou...

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...t would be hard to pick jury members who had not already made their decision about the parties involved. In cases such as that, the defendant(s) may not get a fair trial, but if the venue is moved to a different area, the outcome might be different. The venue for the given scenario would be in Washington, D.C., where the crime occurred. The reason this venue is the most important is because most venues in federal cases, it is determined by the district.
The United States Judicial System is a complex court system. With all the different courts in the federal, state, and local court systems, it makes it easier to predict which court will hear specific cases. If there were not that many courts and levels of courts, the judicial system would be a disaster. The dockets would be scheduled for years to come and there would be no guarantee on any closure to a case.

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