Essay about The United States Is Sending And Receiving More Students Abroad

Essay about The United States Is Sending And Receiving More Students Abroad

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The United States is sending and receiving more students abroad than ever before, but unfortunately access still remains a problem. Fewer than 1 in 10 American students head overseas at some point in their academic careers. To be chosen from the 1 out of 10 Americans would be a once in a lifetime experience for me. Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Jamaica and tour the residential areas of the island. I was able to see a lot of unfinished housing, poverty areas, and the culture of the woman that live in Jamaica. However, since this trip was just for leisure I was not able to see more of the everyday lives of the people who live in Jamaica. In the United States we see a lot of tragic events on television that are happening in third world countries, but truly do not understand what is happening because we are not physically living in that country. I personally would like to make an impact within the mental health population and to gain understanding of mental health practices internationally. As a social work major, it is essential for me to understand various cultures, its function in human behavior and society and recognize the strengths that exist in all cultures.

During my time at University of Maryland-Baltimore I plan to concentrate as a Macro student with a specialization in Health. I have always had an interest in the impact of communities and policies within the mental health population. This opportunity will give me incite on social services and mental health programs in the country of India and how they are implemented for change. I would like to gain knowledge on how the communities in this culture take action and raise awareness about mental health. According to statistics available with the Kerala Mental...

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...f resources. Social Workers, Nurses, and Public Health professionals play a role in mental health. The practice of each professional should be valued equally and able to share all knowledge in order to contribute to patient/clients outcomes. This collaboration as a student will help me to understand my own professional identity while gaining an understanding of other professional roles on a health care team. It said that today’s patients now have a lot of complex health needs. The inter-professional aspect of this project will help me in my long term career to be able to work with other professionals and come to a common goal of restoring and improving individual’s needs. It will provide me with the ability to share skills and knowledge between professions and allow for better understanding, shared values, and respect for the roles of other healthcare professionals.

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