The United States is Like a Race Car Essay

The United States is Like a Race Car Essay

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Ask any car enthusiast and they will say that having the best parts in the car, gives the
best car. But-one catch can hold the whole machine up-if the parts don't match up, the value, of
the car diminishes greatly. Now some experts may say that pieces have to be original to have the
most worth, like an antique with the patina and matching model numbers. Others may say that
the more aftermarket pieces in the vehicle, the more the car should cost. Still others say whatever
combination of original and upgraded equipment will allow the optimal performance on a track
gives the most meaning and worth to the machine. But in any case aforementioned, every piece
has to fit perfectly with the others around it for the basic functions to even occur. Otherwise, it
becomes an overly-large paperweight. Liken the United States government programs and
services to a car and the similarities are striking. The drivers or owners are the leader of the
government, which as defined by the Constitution/Declaration of Independence are the people.
The driver must seek to take care if his vehicle in order to maintain a functioning piece of
equipment. The engine is the economy and the driving force behind the capitalist society, giving
power to every other part of the automobile. The seats are the welfare programs that give support
and comfort to the driver and his passengers. They must be practical but comfortable else they
weigh too much or are too barren. Each part in a vehicle corresponds surprisingly well to a
different aspect of the government's duties. Even the bumper acts like the military: protecting the
passengers from the harsh outside world. And further, when assembled, each piece must be
intentionally placed or it wi...

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