The United States Is Full Of Diversity Essays

The United States Is Full Of Diversity Essays

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The United States is full of diversity. Being a diverse country allows people with different cultures an opportunity to teach and learn something new. To continue to do this, more immigrant students should pursue an education in the United States. Not only to learn, but it will bring more diverse opinions into the country, will boost the economy, and benefits everyone to share their knowledge and experiences.
Each country has their history and rich culture. Some of it is already in the United States and has influenced a lot by the ways of life and how we think and behave today. Proposing for more students migrate to the United States for an education will open doors for being exposed to more opinions to consider. A diversified learning environment allows people to learn and discuss differences from their own, to adapt and share for a deeper understanding. And find out more about others provides better opportunity when meeting new people and an overall happier life with long and lasting relationships.
Allowing immigrant students, mainly children, to enter schools for an education regardless of their status has been implemented. For colleges and universities, the process is a bit more complicated. Immigrant students have a lot more trouble due to some colleges and universities not accepting them as applicants due to a complex process for entry with providing documents of their status in the country and the high tuition rates or rejections from financial aid. Reevaluating this by finding out why these schools require more documents and getting rid of it. Immigrant students should only be required to submit the same information as students born in the country. As for financial aid, it being so competitive to qualify for, more funds sh...

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...grant students to pursue an education in the United States not only benefits them, but people born here. The United States needs to work on being better prepared for the people who want to migrate to the country. An effective way to do this is to have people volunteer to teach what they know. Immigrants and legally born citizens sharing their knowledge and life experiences will help the country become more innovative and also, the most well sought out place to live. The United States is a country that is built on immigration as people have migrated to create a better life for family and future generations. Welcoming students and visitors of other countries is a great way of finding out and sharing information. But not as spies or for unlawful purposes, it is to begin to understand each other better. For the hopes that one day everyone will be connected in this world.

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