The United States Is Falling Behind The Nation Essay

The United States Is Falling Behind The Nation Essay

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The United States is falling behind in the nation. The United States is trying to better our education system but they are not taking the right steps in doing it. Testing in the United States has become a popular way to see how children are learning. Poverty in the United States has been a big problem in the United States and continues to grow every day. Kids struggle to learn because they lack food, sleep, shelter and health care. More children are growing up around violence and drugs. The United States needs to address poverty to help children get a better education. The United States needs to address the inequalities teachers are faced with. Teachers in the United States work harder under much more challenging conditions than teachers elsewhere in the industrialized world (American Educator, 15). Teachers in the United States are dealing with more poverty, longer days and larger class sizes. Teachers in the United States are not valued to our society. Teachers are not given the time to work with their peers to help create a better learning opportunity for the students. There are ways to better the education in the United States, we just have to start using it.
The United States uses test to measure how well the students and teachers are doing. The test compare students against their peers. There’s testing to pass a class, testing to graduate from high school and testing to get into college. The United States is the only country where students are tested annually with external, multiple choice and standardize test. Clearly the testing is not helping the United States because the education gab continues to grow. Testing and poverty are two things students in America are struggling with. Poverty is effecting children at home and i...

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...r rate. If the United States found a way to help children in poverty it could help close the education gap in the United States. If we could change the way society views teachers and our education program it could help student achievement. If we redesigned the school schedule so teachers were able to meet with other teachers in their school it would help improve the teachers teaching and benefit the students. If there collaborative teams that allowed teachers to plan and learn together it would create new opportunities for the teachers and students. (American educator, 17) Teachers feel that the feedback they are receiving is useless. In order to close the achievement gab the United States needs to close the teaching gab. If the United States could find a way to make changes in the problems above it could help close the achievement and teaching gap.

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