The United States Is A True Democracy Essay

The United States Is A True Democracy Essay

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The United States of America is a true democracy based on our government meeting the majority of the elements that make up a democratic country: a government by the people. Some may find this debatable, but our current government fits the basic mold of what a democracy is. Elements dealing with the political system, legal system, and our government as a whole all support the idea that the United States is a true democracy.
Elections held in the United States are frequent and fair. The U.S. has a well defined schedule of elections for all branches and levels of government. Our government meets this criteria of a democracy by holding elections every four years for the President and holding elections when it is time to elect a new member into office. “Such equality requires the ability of political parties and candidates to register for office without unreasonable requirements, balanced access to the media for all candidates, the absence of campaign finance abuse, and an independent electoral process” (“Free, Fair, & Regular Elections”). The United States has held elections frequently since 1776.
Individuals have the right to form associations, political parties, and interest groups
separate from the government. Citizens in America have the right to form associations to a fault. Some of the organizations have been questionable; for example, the KKK, Anti-Abortion vs. Planned Parenthood, and Neo-Nazis groups. For the most part, the people of the United States can freely form and create independent associations that meet their beliefs and express their opinions without approval from the government.
Almost all citizens of the United States are given the privilege to vote in elections. Many countries do not give their people...

... middle of paper ... the government. “Even in modern democratic societies this overt form of censorship continues to occur, as well as its more subtle variations. In fact, legal regulation of freedom of expression continues to be seen as an important part of almost all democratic constitutions” (Censorship Within Democratic Societies). Even though much harm can come from access to any information, our government allows citizens to view information without censorship. The United States meets the criteria for a democracy here by allowing the internet, social media, and news to be available to anyone without restriction.
There is much debate in whether the United States of America is a true democracy or not; by looking at political and legal elements of the country, the United States is a democracy due to the people having a say in what goes on in the country and how the country is run.

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