United States Involvement in Organized Conspiracy Essay

United States Involvement in Organized Conspiracy Essay

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United States Involvement in Organized Conspiracy

Was the war in Iraq a means to improve national security or a conspiracy to seek personal satisfaction? On March 19, 2003 a war was waged under public scrutiny, to destroy the Baathist regime headed by the Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein. This pivotal point in United States history marked the beginning of public concern about political corruption within our government as a means to convey personal satisfaction.

National security became the ground breaking concern in the United States after the tragic events unfolded on September 11, 2001. Many questions were brought to the attention of the public eye, such as why the September 11 attacks weren’t diffused prior to the deaths of innocent Americans. Questions of this nature became centered around Al-Qaeda’s insurgence living in and abroad the United State, as the main culprit in the 9/11 attacks. These attacks on U.S. soil revealed a direct correlation to the failure to report issues, and the U.S. unwillingness to address problems before they escalated. This tragic event brought up many pubic, political, and international concerns to strengthen security in and around our nation in order to prevent future terror groups from causing death and destruction once again. The main emphasis was to “wage war on terror”, a slogan George Bush Jr. incorporated in his quest to eliminate terrorism all across the world. Bush began his pursuit by declaring war with Afghanistan in a mission to kill Osama Ben-Ladien, the leader of Al-Qaeda, and those that were affiliated with Al-Qaeda insurgents. Many years later Bush decides to draw attention to Iraq. Disseminating

The original focus on Iraq was in direct connection to its involvement in ...

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... the initial phase of the war. These factors that justified war in Iraq was the refusal to corporate with UN inspectors, and the harsh punishments that the Iraqi government imposed on its citizens. The ignorance that Saddam ruled by was dictated throughout his country during the time he commanded the Iraqi government. In retrospect’s Saddams dictator ship imposed possible future problems with national security.

Although this possibility of future crisis could have happened, I believe other diplomatic diplomacies could have diverted the war from ever happening. Saving millions of people’s lives before the bombing and invasion took place. Interpreting this in logical understanding would have been the best way to deal with Saddam’s ignorant ruling. Concluding that the best way to address this issue of injustice could have been avoided instead of fabricated.

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