The United States Involvement During World War I Essay

The United States Involvement During World War I Essay

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Even still Wilson’s response was to remain neutral - though he certainly did not condone the German attack on a passenger ship, he retained his commitment to neutrality. While Wilson remained neutral at this point, it did not detract from the fact that some Americans were now calling for war. Gradually though the United States moved away from neutrality as they began to supply Britain with 40 percent of their war material while also providing loans to both Britain and France. Then in March 1917, the German government resumed unrestricted submarine warfare in response to Britain’s blockade that was starving Germany. The tension only continued to mount while President Wilson continued to hope for peace; however, when the details of a telegram revealed Germany’s attempt to ally itself with Mexico, the tension became increasingly overwhelming. The particular tipping point that led to the United States involvement was an incident in March 1917 when German submarines sank five American vessels off Britain, killing sixty-six. On April 6, 1917, Congress voted to declare war.
During World War I the American economy enjoyed improvement. There was a birth of new agencies, including the War Industries Board, the Food Administration, the Railroad Administration, the Fuel Administration, and the National War Labor Policies Board. Industrialists enjoyed higher profits achieved through feats of production and efficiency. Working people also benefited when wartime agencies enacted the eight-hour workday and a living minimum wage. The war created new opportunities for women; more than 25,000 women served in France in many different job functions from nurses to the ambulance drivers. Back home, with millions of men away fighting, barriers against ...

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...her or not improve the economy, the answer is both yes and no. The question is whether you are on the winning or the losing side of the battle. The reason must be just for the United States to enter a war, because the price you are gambling is either a stronger economy if you win, or a turbulent one if you are unsuccessful. In instances where the country was unified against one common enemy and everyone pitched in on the effort, America was successful, however when the involvement in war is not popularly supported it caused more issues in an already sticky situation. When considering declaring war there are several key considerations one should take before jumping in headfirst. The only way that war can help improve an economy is if it is a well thought out, orchestrated war in which the country is successful, otherwise war can be extremely devastating to an economy.

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