The United States ' Influence On Western Culture, Freedom, Liberty And Justice

The United States ' Influence On Western Culture, Freedom, Liberty And Justice

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Practice what you preach! The Unites States preaches democracy, freedom, liberty and justice by all. Our ancestors fled England to gain these basic rights and establish a land of liberty and justice for all. As I study history, I have come to question whether we, as a country, really live by these principles. By the late 1800s the United States had become a world power with the ability to influence other countries and expand to new lands by using it military and economic powers; America was divided on how to use this power and influence. Expansion or isolation seemed to be the most argued political themes of the early 1900s. Europeans had drawn satisfaction from fulfilling a self-imposed “civilizing” mission to spread Western culture and values to non-whites….throughout Africa and Asia” now the United States found itself with the power to build a similar empire and looked to the Western Hemisphere and China. Cultural superiority had become a part of the America just as it had in England (Keene 562). While imperialists claim to be doing “God’s Will” and “humanitarian work”, they trampled on other countries civil rights to expand our interests. The US should have remembered its founding philosophies and allowed others these same rights of self-government while providing true humanitarian aid where it was needed not just where it was economically advantageous.
America broke free from imperialistic Great Britain in 1776 seeking the right to freedom and self-government, yet quickly became imperialistic itself and went about taking the freedom of others. Americans have long held themselves to be superior and destined by God to govern those who are not capable of self-government (Doc 1). Imperialism is the opposite of democra...

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...t he was talking about in regards to the economics of imperialism and war—the truth seems to be what is most economically advantageous to the US.
Trampling the civil rights of other people to expand our interests allowed the United States to expand, show the world our great power and grow economically but also showed that we really were not the great democracy we claimed to be. We forgot our founding philosophies and denied others these same rights of self-government when it was convenient for our country. Our humanitarian aid often went to other countries only when we had something to gain. Imperialism allowed the US to hide behind God’s Will while discriminating against other cultures and forcing our wishes on countries that proved to be economically advantageous to our country. For the sake of expansion, the United States failed to practice what it preached!

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