Essay on The United States If Facing An Epidemic

Essay on The United States If Facing An Epidemic

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The United States if facing an epidemic: Obesity. Two third of the american population is obese; that’s 78 million adults and 13 million children who have to deal with both the emotional and physical effects of their weight. Any time I turn a corner and see a fast food restaurant, I can 't walk through a crowded place without being faced with an overweight person I can’t walk beside. Obese people deplete resources by demanding everything to be supersized. It’s not just about the food they eat, the fact is that clothes, furniture, even caskets and toilet seats must be accommodated for their weight. Obese people also tend to rely heavily on healthcare because of the numerous diseases caused by their weight which takes more medical resources than leaner people, whose drugs quickly contaminates our water. The media puts special attention on exercising and eating healthy, however America needs to begin applying stronger tactics to resolve this problem.
A simple solution would be to remove any sweets, junk food or unneeded calories out of processed food and start promoting non artificial foods. This would provide better tasting food and less calories, ultimately ending fast food chains, creating an opportunity for restaurants to rise above them with improved ingredients. New restaurants can open and offer more jobs to unemployed people, thus causing restaurant chains which use healthy products to become dominant instead of the factory fast food chains. We would be able to have better quality food, and this would also call for a surplus of farm fresh foods and free-range animal meat. The increased use of restaurants and removing all of the factories and slaughterhouses would improve prices of vegetable and fruits which would be bought m...

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...ercise can actually help ease depression in a number of ways: releasing feel good chemicals, reducing immune system chemicals and increasing body temperature, which can have calming effects. It can also help to gain confidence, take a person’s mind off of worries, get more social interaction, and cope in a healthy way.
We understand the disappointment of not being able to quickly order food and eat within 20 minutes, however sitting down with friends or family and sharing a meal is a valuable experience some people are too busy to deal with. If given some time, it would be normal to wait a couple minutes and eat at a table with others during breaks.The opened free time then leaves people to improve their social interactions and meet more people whether over a meal or during exercise. Body sizes will also be smaller and everyone will feel good at a healthy weight.

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