Essay about The United States Hopes Help Rebuild Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

Essay about The United States Hopes Help Rebuild Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

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The United States Hopes to Help Rebuild Haiti After Hurricane Matthew Causes Havoc
A few days ago, Haiti was hit by a gruesome tropical storm which soon turned into a category five hurricane, known as Hurricane Matthew. The towns, Jeremie and the Sud Province were the worse hit by the deadly hurricane. BBC News reported, “in Jeremie 80 percent of the towns buildings were leveled, while the Sud Province estimated a total of 30 thousand homes that were damaged or demolished by Hurricane Matthew” (“Hurricane Matthew” n.p.). Many families are trying to rebuild their homes from the ground up salvaging what can be saved, but the mayhem of the deadly storm leaves them nearly with nothing. Hurricane Matthew is now known as one of the deadliest hurricanes alongside the lethal Hurricane Katrina, which hit the Louisiana coast in 2005. “The Red Cross is involved providing necessary supplies, and water purification tablets, while the United States military sent nine helicopters with food and water to the most effected towns in Haiti” (“Hurricane Matthew” n.p.). In hope of helping Haiti rebuild from the ground up, the citizens themselves are devastated, hopeless, and left empty handed. The United States should send more aid due to the potential outbreaks in disease, road closings, and deaths.
Haiti is reported to be the poorest country in America, and prone to natural disasters. “Haiti is still recovering from a disastrous earthquake that killed nearly 200 thousand people, and triggered a cholera pandemic” (“Hurricane Matthew” n.p.). The recovery process of Hurricane Matthew has signaled the United States to be concerned about the potential outbreaks of disease in Haiti. “The United States has aided the towns of Haiti with water purificatio...

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...since Hurricane Katrina. The United States has taken action to help the people of Haiti rebuild their cities from the ground up. The Red Cross has provided purification tabs and needed supplies daily, along with the United States military providing water and food for the families and civilians in need. Cholera is the disease the Red Cross is concerned about as the most recent earthquake in Haiti caused an outbreak throughout the country. Many are in need of transportation as a bridge has collapsed, which was used as the only way of travel coming from the south-west coast of Haiti. This leaves many homeless and in need of supplies, which is why the United States should send more aid. According to BBC News, “350 thousand are in need as of right now” (“Hurricane Matthew” n.p.). The United States is helping the devastated civilians in hope of good things to soon come.

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