The United States Government and Information on the Internet Essay

The United States Government and Information on the Internet Essay

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As the internet age blossoms in the twenty-first century, news and information is becoming available to anyone at anytime with just the click of a button. Almost all preceding forms of media can be found in this one, worldwide medium. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and more are all being transferred to the internet to allow for more readers, viewers, or listeners. This new level of access brings the question: How much involvement should the government have in this distribution of media? In the United States, many people value this freedom of information above all else, however, in other nations around the world, citizens are not allowed this liberty. For example, the governments of China and Iran continue to censor media released in their countries, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to control what information is being distributed, particularly on the internet. Blogs and social networking online, as well as radio and television broadcasting, have been major factors in political issues in recent years.
The United States has a longstanding tradition of allowing the public access to nearly any informations it wants.When the government is found out to be hiding important intelligence, it is viewed as a scandal that must be righted by truth-seeking journalists. The Pew Research Center reports that “broad majorities continue to say that the press acts as a watchdog by preventing political leaders from doing things that should not be done, a view that is as widely held today as at any point over the past three decades”. A past event that demonstrates how the press has persuaded the nation to lose confidence in its leader would be the Watergate scandal. When President Nixon destroyed information, he was nearl...

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...ts policies. “Numerous pro-government and reformist websites offer news, analysis, and commentary, although many have been banned or blocked in recent years for publishing reports deemed hostile to the regime” (Bruno).
However, other media types are much more difficult to control. During the 2009 election, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was especially concerned with the freedom Twitter allowed the people, “but technology experts say that completely blocking Twitter, whose open-ended design allows for its messages to be broadcast from various sources, will be very difficult” (Schleifer). Because Twitter is a tool separate from the government, it is a tool that opponents can use for organization on a wide scale. Also, using Twitter boosts ideas by being international. People around the world may start supporting a cause if it gets enough notoriety in the Twittersphere.

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