Essay on United States From After World War II

Essay on United States From After World War II

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It has been postulated that democracies are more peaceful internationally than non-democracies. For the sake of brevity, this paper shall analyze international relations between states from after world-war II. Before the cold war, there has been a record of a variety of democratic states fighting with other democratic states, and interestingly enough, a sparse record of communist, dictatorial states fighting with each other. There has also been a wide record of war and pseudo wars between dictatorial states and democratic states. Post-cold war, democratic states have a sparse record of fighting with each other, just as dictatorial states have a sparse record of fighting with each other. Dictatorial and democratic states, however, do still participate in wars and pseudowords. After thoroughly reviewing the combat record between democratic and nondemocratic states, as well as the record of wars that those democratic or dictatorial ideological states have had amongst states that share their ideologies, one can see that the statement that democracies are more peaceful internationally than non-democracies is not quote true. Rather, it is more true to say, X-ideology states are more peaceful amongst themselves, and more likely to be in conflict with with states with opposing ideologies, although this statement is a tendency, and not an exact rule.
There is a hefty list of democratic versus democratic wars in the cold-war era. Such examples include the Israeli War of Independence, between Israel and Lebanon, the Kashmir War, between democratic Pakistan and India, The Six Day War, between Israel and Lebanon, the Football War, between Honduras and El Salvador, The Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, and the Paquisha War, fought between Ecuador...

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...racies are more peaceful internationally than non-democracies? Not at all. In analyzing post and pre Cold War conflicts, one can see that both democracies and non-democracies fight with each other, but, non-democracies and democracies tend to fight each other much more. There are exponentially more examples of this happening in the past 100 years. Russia and the United States have been in continuous conflict for years, and the United States continually fights with small dictatorial states. Hence it is more true to say, X-ideology states are more peaceful amongst themselves, and more likely to be in conflict with with states with opposing ideologies. Democratic nations have a tendency not to fight each other and dictatorial states have the same tendency. In fact, one could postulate that if the entire world was run by a single ideology, peace would be more prevalent.

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