The United States First President John Adams Essay

The United States First President John Adams Essay

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The United States Second President John Adams was born on October 30, 1735. When Adams was growing up he had a young and productive life, Adams would help farm on his family farm in Braintree, and would play with the towns children around him. Later Adams would move on to college where he learned that he was going to be a great public speaker. Adams would not be a minister as his father, Deacon John, wanted him to be. Adams would go on to become a well-known lawyer in Boston. There Adams would have one of the most important case of his career. After becoming a lawyer Adams would fall in love of his life, which they would later marry. The things Adams accomplished in his early life would help him become a United States Congress men and a President for his country.
On October 30 1735, the United States Second President was born. John Adams was born in quiet village of Braintree, scattered homes and farmstead along the town, that strung along the old coast road. His father name was Deacon John Adams, and his mother who he loved so much was Susanna Boylston Adams of Brookline. Adams lived on the family farm that was at the foot of Penn’s Hill. The home that he was born and raised in was built in 1681. He would also call it home when he would later marry his future wife Abigail. Growing up, Adams would roam the open fields and woods of the town, as well as explore the creeks and beaches. Adams loved to swim, skate, fly kites and shoot marbles among the other boys and girls of the town. Adams was considered a good-looking young man, and active to. But people looked at him to be too small for his age. Adams was very sensitive to criticism, but he had a quick response to people’s criticism. It also helps Adams that he was extremely inte...

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...lso the first President to move in the White House in 1800. Then Adams would leave the White House in 1801. Adams would die on July 4, 1826. Adams would leave behind a legacy for presidents to come.
The things Adams accomplished in his early life would help him become a United States Congress men, and a President of his country. When Adams went to Harvard he discovered that he become a lawyer, Because of how good his public speaking was. If Adams never went to Harvard, Adams many not been able to know if he could not have been President of the United States, or he would have not been a Congress men. There would have not been a Declaration of Independence to start the war to separate the United States from Britain. Then what Adams went through his childhood also helped him in his later life. What Adams did for the United State is something we can never forget.

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