Essay about United States Entry Into World War I

Essay about United States Entry Into World War I

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The turn of the 20th century brought about an unprecedented level of technological innovation and social upheaval to an increasingly globalized world. America experienced these changes first hand as many of the ruralized areas of past centuries begin to be inundated with the effects of new technologies such as locomotives and automobiles which ignited population growth into rural areas. Across the world Europe was also undergoing the effects of the technological advancements brought on by the 20th century, but the effects were proving to have more negative results. The nations of Europe were undergoing increased militarization which led to a rise in tensions and would culminate in what appeared to be an inevitable war. In 1914 the fears of Europe were manifested when an assignation set off a European conflict which threatened to drag the entire world into disarray including America. The Florida historic Quarterly documented Americas progression into the war in an article titled “Florida Newspapers and United States Entry into World War I” which detailed Americans reactions to the prospect of entering the war. Through the article readers gain insight into the angst and apprehensions following Americans at the time who faced the prospect of entering the largest war in history.
During the beginning of the 20th century Newspapers were the largest source for news and the gathering local opinions concerning major issues. One of the largest global issues of the time was the ongoing Great War which had decimated Europe, but America and in particular Florida newspapers had done little to acknowledge the conflict. By 1917 concerns regarding the war began to increase as some papers in Florida were regularly covering the war in their articles...

... middle of paper ... neutral and facing attack form an unknown enemy. Florida like the rest of America was torn between the decision to enter the war or stay out of it. The article “Florida Newspapers and United States Entry into World War I” displayed the opinions of the sates citizens and gave voice to local group who is often forgotten when discussing the U.S entry into World War 1. The article may not have introduced any new ground breaking details on the subject of World War 1 but it did shed light on the forgotten importance newspapers played into Americas entry into World War 1. The article reinforces the importance the media has when discussing American politics amongst average citizens. The Florida newspaper was largely responsible for initiating the zealous war effort amongst Floridian’s and galvanizing the citizens to take the necessary steps to prepare for the war effort.

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