The United States Entered World War I Essay

The United States Entered World War I Essay

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There were countless reasons the United States entered World War I, also known as the
“Great War”. We will discuss the uttermost important reasons as to what pushed President
Woodrow Wilson into declaring the First World War, which killed over 10 million people and
brought down numerous governments, empires, and armies. In addition to we will also cover on
how the entrance of the United States affected the outcome of the war.
One of the greatest reasons behind World War I was none other than economic
competition along the European nations. Britain and Germany had the largest and uttermost
powerful navy throughout the entire world. One and the other were competing to win the raw
materials found elsewhere by turning both Africa and Asia into weak colonial possessions to
supply as sources. The two were in a competition for establishing expansion overseas, with the
colonial empires that had been building from previous decades.
All European nations felt lots of nervousness from the dispute between England and
Germany. This then led to the alliance system, where each powerful nation pledges to come to
the other’s defense in time of a war. When France and Russia joined together with England, they
began to call themselves the Allied Powers. Germany then made treaties with the Austro-
Hungarian Empire and Turkey; they were called the Central Powers. Forming these alliances
between any nations already proposed a large war would be expected. The French had been
already distrustful to the Germans as a result of the war in 1870-1871, in which the Germans
were defeated.
The “spark” that started the First World War was the assassination of Austria’s Archduke
Franz Ferdinand, who was heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Both he and ...

... middle of paper ...

...France himself to represent the United States in the peace talk. A
final treaty was signed on June 28th, 1919. The Treaty of Versailles, which touched base with
three major topics including, Germany needs to accept all responsibility of the war and forced to
pay big fines towards the Allies, self-determination for nationalities, and Wilson’s “general
association of nations” which the treaty called the League of Nations.
After the war, the United States of America had replaced Great Britain as the world’s
greatest creditor nation, further strengthening American power. I conclude if the United States
would have kept out of the war things between the European nations would have been much
worse. Luckily, President Wilson’s main focus was on peace, and it’s that reasoning that ended
the war quickly. I do suppose Germany learned to not mess with the United States military.

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