Essay on The United States Economy During The Nineteenth Century

Essay on The United States Economy During The Nineteenth Century

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The U.S. economy in the late-nineteenth century was not easy at all, it constantly, changed rapidly , as the country expanded and industrialized, with new technology and more reproduction and distribution. The country was no longer rural agriculture but involved into an industrial giant. The economy was once controlled by small industrialize markets, but as time and new corporation expanded, the small workshops controlled by independent skilled men, where soon thrown out of the door by the assembly line warehouse jobs. (H,Goodson, pg 1.) Along with new assembly line 's and more job opportunities , the work was not easy at all there were long hours, physical hazardous conditions and low wages.

Factory workers faced lots of challenges which included but not limited to , long hours. Working hours were long, and at least ten hours a day and six days a week for most. Before the late-nineteenth century most Americans were previously employed in agriculture, which did not need a record of their hours, because they kind of work when they wanted to because of being self employed. Additionally, the new industrialization, factories would use the method "sun up to sundown" meaning when the sun rise right above the horizon to when the sun goes beneath the horizon. Many factories did this because of mass production, an good quote by Sue Carney: At the core, labor unions (we) are working men and women, unified as one force. Despite any personal differences that may exist between us, we have banded together to protect and improve the lives of workers. We rise up together for the greater good. We defend one another like family. (SUE CARNEY, "We 're Not a Fee-for-Service Organization", The American Postal Worker, March...

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...ulture and more duplicating the process by robots and artificially machines, rather than the actually work by humankind which will help the unemployed. The low and middle class are still fighting against the capitalism and the industrial revolution that is still evolving. Possibly there 's a good reason to quote : Without unions, workers will lose many of the protections against abusive employers. Wages for all will be depressed, even as corporate profits soar. The American Dream will be destroyed for millions. And we will have a government of the corporations, by the already powerful, for the wealthy. —(Bernstein 2011 pg 1.) However progress is very slow, the real benefits of the industrial revolution are those living in twenty century world of luxury and the powerful. The irony of it all is this barbarous cycle is still occurring in parts of the world today.

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