The United States During World War II Essay

The United States During World War II Essay

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During times of war, they are many factors that can contribute to victory for a nation that is involved in the war. Victory should not only be achieved in the battlefield but also the Homefront. In the case of the United States during World War 2 and the following Cold war, while being very successful in the frontline, many various Homefront conflicts arose ranging from civil rights to social justice and cultural disagreements and sweeping social reforms such as youth rebellion (Beatniks) and cultural rejection led to the US being very shaky within itself. Many minorities inside the US saw the war as an opportunity to rid themselves of their social chain that enslaved them and fought for their rights, or by “enlisting” for the war that was brewing in the Homefront. The Majority of the Jewish people were desperately trying to flee Europe, mostly Germany, and seek salvation in the United States but they too would face adversity and discrimination. The war was a signal, a signal for change for the US, but that change would not come so easy.
The suffering of the Jewish people skyrocketed during World War 2. As Hitler came into power, Anti-Semitism began to take hold in Germany and most of Europe (17/59 pdf WWII). Sensing this, most Jewish People were looking to emigrate far away from Europe and only one placed seemed like escape: The United States. The US looked to be the prime candidate location for the Jewish people to flee to. Separated from Europe by an ocean, the Jews desperately tried to acquire a Visa to the United States (30/59 pdf WWII) (33/59 pdf WWII). However, they faced various resistance getting their Visa’s approved, first by the US government itself (34/59 pdf WWII), then by the people of the United States who claimed...

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...tural rejection because they were refusing to assimilate themselves with mainstream values. This did not help them due to the fact that anyone who seemed different or had different views were labeled as communist. This is just one prime example of how the war had affected the Homefront. Due to the Cold war being a war with Communism, it also led to the Homefront “being” in war with Communism although the “war” on the Homefront were actually people turning on one another just because they or their opinions were different.
WWII and the Cold War were wars that not only changed the outside but also the Homefront for the United States in a very unique way. Many changes arose to the Homefront during these times of war and also the people in the Homefront. They would also lead the way for more changes for the people and the nation itself in the days to come in the future.

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