The United States ' Dependence On Fossil Fuels Essay examples

The United States ' Dependence On Fossil Fuels Essay examples

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According to the National Academy of Sciences, “climate change is occurring and is largely caused by human activities and poses a significant risk for a broad range of human and natural systems” (Frontline, 2012). Our dependence on fossil fuels, along with the fear of change, has caused society to look the other way when being confronted with this issue. Since there is no direct charge or limitation to emitting CO2, government intervention is needed to alter the economics (Kolbert, 2006). Implementing a policy that promotes a resource-efficient and low-carbon economy can help direct our world in the right direction.
The United States’ dependence on fossil fuels is an issue that needs to be addressed. With oil being a non-renewable energy source, the longer we use it and become dependent on it, the more this energy source will hurt our environment. The use of fossil fuels can also be detrimental to the economy. Once our resources become depleted or are hard to obtain, the competition between oil distributors will increase resulting in higher prices. Shifting towards cleaner, renewable energy sources can help with this issue. Solar, wind, hydropower, and geothermal energy sources can be the most effective means of motivating this change since they have a much smaller impact on the environment and are cost-effective. An investment in these renewable energy sources can drive economic growth by creating jobs and new business opportunities.
Solar power and wind electricity is a technology that has the advantage of being safe and emissions-free (Kolbert, 2006). Photovoltaic cells used in solar power have been around for more than fifty years and are the most appealing energy alternative. Through the use of the sun, homes and busines...

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... the air without any profit, companies can invest in a carbon sequestration platform to slash and monetize their carbon emissions (Chatsko, 2014). Implementing this technology has a great impact on the economy as well as to the environment. Carbon sequestration can “add over $1.3 trillion to American GDP and reduce the nation’s total CO2 emissions by 52% from 2012 levels in just a couple of decades” (Chatsko, 2014).
We have the technologies available to stop and slow climate change; yet, we need to acquire a unified view on this issue (ClimateState, 2012). We can no longer ignore the signs that our susceptible environment is revealing to us through the intensification of droughts, floods, hurricanes, and rising sea levels. All of these changes can be implemented one way or another throughout the world to help reduce the impacts on climate change and the environment.

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