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The United States Department of Justice has three official sources of victimization data that are used to measure that is believed to be the impact of crime within the United States of American. Each of these sources serve different aspects of crime, however each one provides information that could help analyze the crime problem within the Nation. These three official sources have benefits and limitations: Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), and the National Incident- Based Reporting System (NIBRS).
The benefits of the National Incident-Based Reporting System are that all major criminal acts that the Nation face is found in this reporting system like terrorism, drug offenses, hate crimes, white collar crime, abuse of others, child pornography, gang crime, and organized crime. The system has these acts broken down into three categories: Crimes Against Persons, Crimes Against Property and Crimes Against Society. NIBRS gives access to several branches of the government that will be able to develop a more comprehensive understand on possible ways to provide acts of crime. Offering more comprehensive understanding of criminal acts will ensure that all agencies will be able to work together to develop a stronger strategy and united front against these acts. These reporting system is offers a more detailed format that is more meaningful than other reporting systems. The police chief, sheriff, or commissioner will now have statistics to ensure that public safety is being address. There is an additional level of accountable for those government officials that full participate in the NIBRS.
Limitations of the NIBRS is that the government officials must full participate into the data base otherwise...

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... measure other crime like homicide or commercial crimes. The data on rape is gather on both males and females, whereas the UCR only gather information on females. The NCVS uses the United States Bureau of Census twice a year to gather information. The information collected is based on individual or households that have been impacted from these crimes and that have or have not reported it to local police department.
The NCVS measures data by the crime per household whereas the other two sources use data by crime per capita. The limitation of this that the number of household crimes do not grow at the same rate as the total population leading to gaps in data. The NCVS cannot ensure that information gather is completely accurate due to there is no official report on the crimes written by the local police department; this leads to a level of hearsay or inaccurate data.

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