The United States Contain Different Cultures Essay examples

The United States Contain Different Cultures Essay examples

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The united states contain different cultures. People’s heritage influences people 's life in various ways that include the differences in health traditions, with a different view for their health maintenance, health protection, and health restoration and. The student has interviewed three different families with different cultures using Heritage Assessment Tool. In this essay, the student will compare the three family’s health traditions based on their cultural heritage about health, Illness, disease. The student will evaluates and discuss how these traditions and practice influence their behaviors for their health protection, health maintenance, health protection, and health restoration relate to the heritage assessment.

Heritage Assessment is a useful tool for the nurse to provide competent health care. People with diverse heritage cultures have different health traditions tendencies. It helps the nurse to determine how deeply a given person identify with a particular tradition, which directed nurses to plan care according to culture heritage assessment. Health care providers can apply the health care to a person regard to their cultural preference. Heritage assessment reflex person’s view of health, illness, spirituality and family support system. Nurses can use these assessment to make the nursing diagnosis. The personal values are all linked to their heritage cultural tradition nurse use these information to educate the person and family to promote their health and prevent disease. In addition, nurses can discover a way specific fit the patient to restore his/her health

The first interview carried with a white American family with three generation lived and born in the Hampshire. She is 82 years old. Heir r...

... middle of paper ...

... Chinese American patients in the United States. Because the culture view health prevention and health restoration differ, that may affect the accuracy of health histories and agreement with the treatment and the advice from Western health care providers. The principles of the Western medical model and the Eastern medicine are different. It is hard for American health care providers to change perceptions when taking care of the Chinese American patients (Carteret, 2011).

The goals of This essay are through interviewing three families with different cultural heritage tradition to identify theirs different and Similar among the different cultures and their health problems. The differentiation of heritages traditional culture may help health care provider to provide holistic optimal health delivery and the health promotion, maintenance, prevention, and restoration.

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