The United States Constitution Is The Glue That Binds The American Government And All Of Its Intricate Parts Together

The United States Constitution Is The Glue That Binds The American Government And All Of Its Intricate Parts Together

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The United States Constitution is the glue that binds the American government and all of its intricate parts together. Without our Constitution we would not have a guarantee of our individual rights, checks and balances, or a guaranteed form of republic government. We have many men to thank for this, but the top contributor to our Constitution is James Madison and we have him to thank for the government that we are still able to maintain today.
James Madison strongly believed in a strong Central government of the United States. He originally coined the Virginia Plan. James Madison also believed in a republic side of government like we have today (Morone, Kersh, 15). He felt that the problem with a direct form of democracy was that the majority would often get carried away and would not generally pay attention to what were the best interests for the minority. In relation to this form of government Madison would be pleased with where the United States is today. We still practice this form of a republic and we have been able to make it work because although the larger states and majority have a large voice in our government, we also have the small voice and minority represented which allows our government to remain in control.
Madison coined the Federalist Papers and explained in them the institutional perspective (Morone, Kersh, 37). Although many believed that republican citizens would seek the public’s interest with morality and ethics, Madison believed that the Constitution could function even if people did not do this. The Constitution was designed with the fact that it would allow our government to run without people being with virtue. Citizens could be greedy and have corrupt leaders and the Constitution would still allow t...

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...e Bill of Rights, and was an ardent supporter of the checks and balances that are still in our government today. James Madison’s role in the forming of our national government was huge, and it is a fair thing to call him “Father of the Constitution” (America’s Library). James Madison would approve of our government today because we currently do practice checks and balances, maintain our Bill of Rights, have a limited form of republic government, and we also keep in mind the voice of the minority in how we operate. Although the government we have today is not perfect, it still functions well using the United States Constitution as our law of the land and we have James Madison to thank for in that due to the tremendous role he played in introducing, implementing, and persuading in order to see to it that we had a strong central government in place using this document.

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