The United States ' City Upon On Hill ' And ' The ' Of The Brave ' Essay

The United States ' City Upon On Hill ' And ' The ' Of The Brave ' Essay

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Many Americans believe in the notion that this country is “city upon on hill” in comparison to other countries around the world, as this “freedom land” was destined to obtain prominence and superiority through the eyes of God. Often times, many monumental documents and individuals categorized the American country as the “land of opportunity, land of the free, and home of the brave”. In such a patriotic atmosphere, every individual was considered to be “equal”. Unfortunately, during the establishment of this country, if one happened to have any form of lineage that was Native American, African, Asian, Irish, and/or Hispanic, his or her abilities to seek any form of freedom was diminished. Similar to individuals who were not a part of the “Anglo-Saxon image”, women and many other individuals that did not practice Protestantism were also viewed as inferior. As a minority of the United States, I was always left in utter awe after learning the gruesome actions that were performed by these white Protestant males in order to maintain stability amongst minorities. I never grasped the idea why their ideals were viewed as superior and exactly the objectives for performing such actions. In Joel Spring’s Deculturalization and the Claim of Racial and Cultural Superiority by Anglo-Americans, my understanding of these individuals’ motivations became quite apparent, as they attempted to rationalize minority groups hoping to seek economic, political, and cultural beneficiaries that would lead to the success for the American country.
Spring provided historical references that explained the influence behind the actions of the inferior societal ideals. The Roman Empire developed an ideology to “civilize the world’s peoples”, in order to create a c...

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...n an “American lifestyle” if they diminish a large portion of their culture and provide vital aspects to the country. Although many Native American groups were viewed as inferior due to their distinction between the Anglo-Saxon cultures, they managed to conform to societal ideals and provide economic and cultural advantages. Since the establishment of the United States, they attempted to seek a sense of superiority and prominence throughout the world, similarly to how the Roman Empire was once viewed as. Little did the Founding Fathers know that the monumental statement “all men were created equal” would be used as form of propaganda to bring individuals from different cultural heritages and backgrounds as a scheme to help America accumulate wealth and land. “Home of the greed”, would be a much more accurate term placed in the Star Spangled Banner, don’t you agree?

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