The United States Army Medal Of Honor Essay

The United States Army Medal Of Honor Essay

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Blue Spaders

Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat- Let Him Bear The Palm Who Has Won It

The 26th Infantry Regiment is widely known for their actions and participation of Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2006 to 2008. The 26th Infantry Regiment is currently assigned to the 101st Airborne Division. The unit has been involved in many conflicts and wars since their activation. During their deployment of Operation Iraqi Freedom a brave soldier of the 26th Infantry Regiment was award the United States Army Medal of Honor. He was one of only four soldiers that the Medal of Honor was awarded to during the Iraq Campaign.
In 1901 the 26th Infantry Regiment was activated. A notable former commander of this unit was President Theodore Roosevelt’s son, Theodore ‘Ted’ Roosevelt the lll. Roosevelt the lll was the President eldest son and served as the commander of the 26th Infantry Regiment from 1941- 1942. The unit earned their first battle streamer for actions during the Philippine-American war just two years after the units activation. The first twenty years of the unit’s activation were spent on deployments and oversees in Europe, the Mexican and Indian frontier, and in the Pacific. At the end of World War l more than fifteen hundred soldiers that were part of the 26th Infantry Regiment lost their lives. The unit was involved in World War ll, the Cold War, and The Vietnam War. The 26th Infantry Regiment was later assigned to Fort Dix, New Jersey where they were in charge of training soldiers under TRADOC until 1996, from there the unit was once again reassigned to be part of the 1st Infantry Division. After rejoining the 1st Infantry Division the unit deployed to conflicts such as Bosnia and Kosovo.
The Blue Spaders first deployed to Iraq as part of ...

... middle of paper ... and valor he was awarded the United States Medal of Honor. He was one of the four soldiers that were given Medals of Honor. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions performed on December Fourth 2006, he was only nineteen years old. McGinnis was the youngest recipient of the Medal of Honor during the Iraq war. He was also awarded a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.
The 26th Infantry Regiment is a unit he suffered many casualties from wars and conflicts that they were a part of. The unit suffered much criticism for their second deployment to Iraq. During their second deployment thirty-one brave men who serve their country and unit lost their lives, another one hundred and seventeen were wounded. Never the less the unit was decorated for their actions throughout American History. The unit has two Presidential Unit Citations and four Valorous Unit Citations.

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