Essay on The United States Army Has Its Own Type Of Community

Essay on The United States Army Has Its Own Type Of Community

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I think the United States Army has its own type of community. Although some may be better than others may, The Army has a very special outlook on the world. As a diverse entity when it comes to the race and nationality of a person, the way individuals and groups looks on the military says it all. People look at active duty soldiers, as well as veterans many different ways.
When I Joined the Army in 2006, I had many different races in my command. When I joined, it really did not have a role in the community of people. We wore the same thing and have the same style of haircut. However, when we all left from training to different military installations it all changed. Although we still wear the same thing during the day when we all go to our houses, we all are different. I often thought how diverse it really actually is. Many had different color skin, some people had different accents than others, some people listen to completely different music than others, but we all were taught to be the same. What I am saying is that we are all band of brothers in uniform. We all might have different lifestyles but we are all equal in uniform.
In addition, the community looks at us different as well. Different people in the nation believe that one percent of Americans that join the United States Army. The truth of the matter is that there is a bigger picture. Some were discharged out of the Army, while others may retire. The whole world looks at us differently. People have learned to watch over themselves. Things change from the time of upbringing to the time of return from the military. I think the Army has its own different commentary, especially the people that have joined the Infantry. I remember coming home and people telling me that I hav...

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...t would be proper to say because I do not think that most civilians would understand about the missions I went on.
I have been around the world and have seen many diverse people. When I look back on all the people that I have encountered including Americans, Germans, Middle Eastern, Canadians and many more I think that Americans are the most judgmental when it comes to knowing an individual. I know that I chose the job, and I would not change it for anything. I think than many people judges a book by its cover before they read the book. I am not perfect by any means but I try my hardest to be the best person that I am today. The soldiers and veterans in our community are hardworking, seen a lot and most of all deserves the absolute best. All together we are all the same and on the inside so there should not be diverse groups anywhere but I know there always will be.

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