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Following World War II, the United States and the USSR were the only two world super powers left. Because of different economic systems, strategic interests, and atomic weapons the US and USSR entered a Cold War. This war was not a typical war. It was strictly economical and political fighting, there was no physical fighting. The USSR believed that peace would only come from worldwide communism, but the US wanted to stop the spread of communism immediately. President Truman tried to offer financial aid to countries nearing turmoil and facing communism, in order to stop the spread of communism entirely. The United States was successful in that it did not actually fall to communism itself, and that the US was able to partially contain communism in Europe, but the United States was not effective in its attempt to halt the spread of communism in Asia and Latin America between the years of 1945 and 1975.
The United States made many attempts to help Europe fight communism in hopes of terminating communism once and for all. In order to achieve that goal, the US implemented the Containment Policy that used a variety of strategies to prevent the spread of communism. The Truman Doctrine (1946) provided funding, supplies, and weapons to countries battling against the communist threat. Because of this doctrine, we were able to successfully help Greece and Turkey resist communism. The Marshall Plan (1947) was an initiative to economically aid Western Europe, and it successfully regained Western Europe’s wealth, and as a result, communism in Western Europe declined. The US provided millions of dollars for economic assistance to many European nations. In 1947, The Chicago Tribune stated, “ Mr. Truman made as cold a war speech yesterday against R...

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...s of 1945 and 1975. Although the Western Bloc, under the Soviet Union, fell to communism, most of the countries in the Eastern Bloc did not turn to communism during this period. Since the Marshall Plan was only extended to Europe and not Asia and Latin America, this was a huge setback to the US’s plan to contain communism. In Asia, both Vietnam and China turned to communism, and are still communist countries to this day. Cuba’s determined leader stood strong in leading a communist country, as a result Cuba is still a communist country today. With all the United States’ valiant efforts to contain communism, unfortunately, they were not effective enough to stop the spread of communism everywhere that they had hoped. But if the US would have never stepped in, they would have been surrounded by communist countries, and could have possibly succumbed to communism itself.

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