The United States And The Poverty Crisis Essay

The United States And The Poverty Crisis Essay

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I think it’s time for the United Stated to face reality that its government system sucks and doesn’t help the American people as a whole. The way things are structured to assist with poverty is actually set to keep people in that poverty state. The reason why I believe this is because the lower class are not educated enough to get a better job that will not require assistance or unable to get any assistance like the homeless people because they don’t have a steady address. The middle class make too much money to receive assistance, however don’t make enough money really live without assistance. The upper class which controls the government is living life like its golden. I think there are several steps to be done in the United States to assist with the poverty crisis. I believe us as individuals would have to step up to the pate and get our hands dirty before anything gets better. I think it starts with our education system, financial system and healthcare system.
Our education system is failing our kids, I am a parent of two daughters who I feel is very bright and show potential to grasp any information given to them. However in particular my six year old was in kindergarten where the requirements are so low that it was a waste of time sending her. I never did any of the work because she was beyond counting to 10 and decided to focus more on first grade level work during the school year. I gave that story to explain how our expectations for our kids are too low and I’m not sure why because it is a scientific fact that kids are able to grasp so much information at a young age. High school kids are not exempt from being held back because were too scared to push them to keep the dropout rate low. It doesn’t stop ...

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...job in aiding people in poverty, lower class and the middle class with better programs and assistance from the government. I think it is time for the United States to face the truth that our world is changing but the system has not adjusted to the change only to keep the one percent happy. I do believe that we should take some responsibility on assisting people that live below the poverty line. We can start to educate them about programs and services, we can support with food and small financial assistance if we could afford it. This country was built on brotherhood, meaning communities, neighbors and then the government would support one another in the time of need. Unfortunately this writing assignment will never produce the change needed for the United States but I hope it would change the hearts of the average person to lend a helping hand and face the truth.

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