Essay on The United States and The Fight Against Mexican Immigration

Essay on The United States and The Fight Against Mexican Immigration

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In the United States it should be a crime not to speak English and Spanish, yet in today’s society Spanish is the second dominant language in the world. There are job posting hiring bilinguals who speak English and Spanish, and are willing to pay top dollar salary for people abilities to do so. The United States should take Spanish in as a second language, by committing these types of actions would then lead the United States raining supreme over other countries in the world, by having two dominant languages. The United States should not fight against Mexican Immigration but embrace imagination with open arms.
First of all, if the United States accepted Spanish immigration it would benefit the economy’s unwanted job ratios. Many immigrates who live in the United States work jobs that most Americans would not do for an honest living. As author Linda Chavez who is a chairperson of equal opportunity of Washington D.C.states, “Legal immigrates have an 86-percent rate of participation in the labor forces” (587). In the United States, most of the jobs that immigrates have are jobs that Americans find to be demeaning, For an example janitorial, fast food restaurants, hotel housekeeping and landscaping are just a few to name. Immigrates in America not only do the job and do them well, they become entrepreneurs and create more jobs for the American people. Many jobs today are demanding all candidates to be bilingual in English and Spanish.
Secondly, Mexican immigrates bring more culture and diversity to America, i.e. the day of the dead, which is the celebration of a decease family member or friend, in which Mexican immigrates would build an alter filled with his or her favorite foods; this is done once a year. Unlike Americans who c...

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...artin and Daddy Yankee. All of these artists receive great accolade from U.S. citizens who love their style of music.
In conclusion, United States should not war with Mexican immigration, but embrace it with open arms. United States go by the phrase “The land of the Free”, yet author Linda Chavez claims, “Immigrates has never been particularly welcome in the United States” (301). This in fact opposes a threat to that great phrase that hone immigrates to the United States. Focusing on this small issue of Mexican Immigration takes the diversity and culturalism away from what the United States stands for; acceptance. The United States thrive on immigrates to come to this country to thrive on the amenities that this great nation has to offer to all new and old citizens. United States is a well diverse country and should continue to stay that way and never change.

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