Essay about The United States And The Cuban Revolution

Essay about The United States And The Cuban Revolution

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Hawaii and Americans to ensure the prosperity of their own country. Next, in the case of Cuba, the U.S. was interested in the location for its sugar industry, the countries traded greatly with one another. Also, in this case America had invested approximately $50 million in the Cuban sugar industry. This sparked a revolution by the Cuban people against the Spanish, as Cuba was a Spanish colony. Despite America initially stating that they sought neutrality in the affair, America went into war, which will later be known as the Spanish-American war, due to the outrage caused by the sentiments of the Spanish ambassador and the explosion of USS Maine. After the war the Spanish surrendered, and Cuba became an independent country with the help of America. This American intervention in the Cuban’s drafting of their constitution led to the Platt amendment which effectively limited Cuba’s ability to negotiate with other foreign powers and forced them to rely on the United States. Moreover, the United States constructed naval bases at the location. America’s economic ties with Cuba led it to take part in a war, free a country from the harsh reigns of Spain, make Cuba an independent country, and essentially stripped Cuba of many glories of independence and made the country reliant upon the United State of America. The reason being that the U.S. valued the potential economic, political and military gains at a rate which eclipsed granting the full luxuries of independence to Cuba. Further, in the case of the Philippines, the United States fought against the Spanish, with the aid of locals, over the land during the Spanish-American war. However, during the war rebellion leader Emilio Aguinaldo believed that the U.S. would grant the Philippines t...

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...century, American foreign policy essentially followed the guidelines laid down by George Washington, in his Farewell Address to the American people: “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is—in extending our commercial relations—to have with them as little political connection as possible [...] The purpose of Washington’s admonition against entanglements with foreign powers was to minimize the chance of war.” (Raico 1995)
Thus, one can see that there was a drastic change in the foreign policy as a country that previously shied away from meddling in foreign affairs later would be overly engaged in the state of other countries. This change occurred after the conquests overseas in countries such as Cuba, as these conquests serving as the turning point for a country which saw the benefit of becoming one that was actively engaged in foreign policy.

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