The United States And The American Civil War Essay

The United States And The American Civil War Essay

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When one thinks of the Civil War, they probably think about the division of the northern and southern states within the U.S. However, there were many other territories involved. During the 1800s the United States had expanded westward, and many of its people moved consequently. The California gold rush of 1848, moved many people out west. With these expansions, the United States looked for new trading ports off its western coast. This led them to Hawaii (Vance & Manning, 2012).
Hawaii, or the Sandwich Islands as they once called them, did not become a part of the United States until 1898. However, the relations between the United States and the Hawaiian peoples played a role in the American Civil War (, 2014). Hawaii was intriguing to many nations, not only because of its location in the Pacific Ocean, but because of its climate and lush lands. In Hawaii there is a crop twice a year, and the soil is so fertile that almost any plant can grow. This meant money for those who had control there (Polynesian, 1861). The American’s began relations with the islanders in the 1820s. They used Hawaiian waters to hunt whales, and ports to export goods to California. By the 1850s, American’s were able to own Hawaiian land. Due to the growing number of American’s in the Hawaiian Islands, one can imagine that a war back home would have great effect here (Vance & Manning, 2012).
Although there was a growing number of American’s in Hawaii, King Kamehameha IV was not a supporter of them living on the islands. He feared that the American’s would try to take over the islands, and make them a part of the United States. Since Hawaii is now recognized as a State of America, his fear was valid. King Kamehameha IV, being a king, saw the nee...

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...o joined the war did so for many reasons, but most likely their main motivation was they were in need of work (Vance & Manning, 2012).
Although Hawaii was far from the battlefield of the Civil War, it felt many of the consequences. The economy of the islands changed drastically from a system build on whaling, to one of sugar production. This increase in the sugar industry brought people from all over the world to work in the Hawaiian Islands, contributing to its ethnic diversity today. The Confederate raiders caused the Hawaiians not only to lose trading profits, goods, and ships, but they also lost many lives. The monarchy of the Hawaiian Islands became strengthened in a way, in response to the democratic conflict within the United States. Overall, the Hawaiian Kingdom changed greatly because of the American Civil War (, 2014, Vance & Manning, 2012).

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