The United States And South America Essay

The United States And South America Essay

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The following paper will provide the information about the terrorist group XXXXXXX and its likelihood of conducting a terrorist attack in the United States from South America. The paper will also attempt to provide how such a group can communicate a potential attack example that XXXXXXX tactics that could be used to infiltrate and attach America using Mexico as its launching point and conduct operations in the U.S. This Red Cell analysis will provide a storyline describing XXXXXX orgins, goals, objectives and ideology.
The topics about the types of leadership, funding, and their capabilities for XXXXXX and where they are located. The paper will also talk about what are their strengths/weaknesses, what type of training conducted and what kind of communication methods used. Part 2 of this paper will talk about what connections XXXXXX have within the United States and South America and provide examples of attack examples within the United States will be mentioned, describing the preparations, and operational actions, and the likely effects should such an attack happen.
This analysis will also provide a description of known and suspected weapons, chemical agents and how they are delivered by a determined terrorist group such as XXXXXXX. The conclusion of this analysis will be what kind of federal government intelligence gathering methods are used on a daily basis to prevent such an attack. In conclusion, some actions and effective recommendations for sustained actions to lessen the gravity of an attack from the southern countries besides Mexico.
The understanding of how and why XXXXXXXX has reached the United States and Mexican border and operate freely south of America, one must perceive how and why...

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...1992, Israel assassinated one of their top leaders, Abbas Musawi and the Israel embassy in Argentina was bombed, killing 29 people. The United States designated Hezbollah to be a terrorist organization in 1997. Hezbollah crossed over into Israel and their actions set off a war between them and Israel because of the killings of innocent Israeli citizens. The group also kidnaped some of their military members which sent off a chain reaction.
Israel responded by launching their warplanes and conducted air raids on the Rafik Harri International Airport in Beirut and also hit multiple locations in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah fought back with magnitudes of artillery which was provided by Iran and Syria. As you continue to read this assessment of this group, you will also read about their ideology, goals and objectives that would make someone join this organization.

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