Essay about The United States And Pacific Northwest

Essay about The United States And Pacific Northwest

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There are two specific time periods where the Mexican people were active in the regions of the Pacific Northwest and other areas of the United States. What these people did create a huge political formation and statement. They made a great name for themselves by showing that they are hard workers and strive for a better life. These things do not seem to be appreciated in todays time as much as they should, especially back in the day many people did not see Mexicans highly like they should have been seen. These people helped a lot in the gold rush and that led to an economic growth and also with the mule packing system, which helped the economic growth tremendously because of the funding that came out of it. A lot of the growth in the United States and Pacific Northwest would not have happened without the Mexican people.
One period where Mexicans were active in the regions, political formation was the Sonoran migration to California which happened between 1848-1856. What happened in that time period was many of the Mexicans that were living in Sonora migrated to California to mine during the Gold Rush. Many of the Mexican miners were highly skilled compared to the people in the United States, however they were still taxed for it. Many of the Anglos that lived there learned a better way of mining and finding gold because of the Mexicans. At the time they were not being welcomed warmly and they were not being appreciated and praised. Then, while many more Mexicans wanted to come the Mexican press tried stopping those people saying that there was no hope in California however the people still took the risk and went. They were also present in the western mining region. There was also mention that the population of Sonora was going down...

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... me happy is that now they are getting the recognition. Now the people are learning what the Mexicans did in the United States. They are now getting the recognition that they deserve. There are more and more articles explaining everything that they have done all the way to the minor things.
Now I know that Latinos made a great impact back in the day, and contributed to the economic growth in the Unites States. From mining to mule packing they brought a lot of their knowledge. Their innovations were used by many of the Americans at the time, but they did not seem to get credited or appreciated like they deserved. One main factor for these things is they wanted to provide for their families and their people. They did not seem to get credited back in the day like they deserved. These Latinos from back in the day made a big impact that is being heard now more than ever.

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