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The United States And Japan Essay

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The two Asian countries suffered territorial conflicts amidst the United States. The role of United States merges in the concept that it was the initiator of the ancient treaty of San Francisco which favored the stature of the Japanese territory against that of the Chinese (Jisi, 2003). The regional conflicts are the sources of the political dilemma that that the United States tried to postulate in the issue. The San Francisco treaty incorporated the United States as one of the corporate owners of the islands. Accordingly, the United States, since time in memorial, duties to make sure that the Japanese authority feels well protected under the agreement. The agreement formulates a protective political and military protection offered by the United States.
A forged security alliance engulfs the United States and the Japan’s efforts to end the stalemate or dispute between China and Japan. The conflicting situation dictates that the United States established a military base in the Japanese territory. The deal, once formed between the Japanese and the United States is one of the platforms that the United States established with reference to the islands possession and management. This implies that if there is any case of fatal collisions between the two countries could create stringent military impacts (Kang, 2003). The United States, even with the case of the current political leadership of Barrack Obama, confirms the tight security pertinent to the issue at hand. The United States is very vocal especially with respect to the issuance of threat; especially military affiliated. The recent conflicts between the two Asian countries got alarmed by the United States on the two-way consequences that may affect the two countries in case it eng...

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...s that China and Japan want to mitigate their tense relationship.
Involvement of the diplomatic approach in forms of dialogue calls for mutual understanding between the two parties. Ideally, the application of the Long-running Foreign Policy of Engagement applies in multiple situations within the entire process of solving the dispute. The United States major obligation is to establish a common territorial agreement and ensure that the conflicts get depleted optimally. In this case, the Diaoyu Islands lie under the United States-Japan alliance. However, the United States also aims at ensuring that there is commonality when identifying solution for the dispute, because China is very sensitive about the close relationship between the United States and Japan. If U.S. took sides too obviously, it would lose the legitimacy to mitigate the dispute.

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