The United States : An American Citizen Essay

The United States : An American Citizen Essay

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Whenever one finds themselves involved in the age-old debate of whether citizens of the United States are greedy or generous, their arguments are usually fueled by opinion rather than fact. The fact of the matter is, that citizens of the United States are generally magnanimous people. In fact, as an American citizen I believe that my fellow citizens are quite charitable, generous, and pragmatic. The evidence to support this claim includes the following facts: that American citizens rank first in the world in charity, that most Americans are generous because of their religious upbringings, and that Americans find that generosity isn’t just beneficial for society but for the giving individual as well.
When discussing charity, it’s important to note that whoever possesses the most money can donate the most money. The United States has the highest per capita GDP in the world, with that it’s very reassuring to know that America ranks first in the world in donating to charities (World GDP Ranking 2015). In 2014, the Charities Aid Foundation, a leading authority on global generosity, published their CAF World Giving Index, which measures three different kinds of giving. The Index scores by averaging the percentage of people in each country who donated money, volunteered, or helped a stranger in the last month. For the report, 145 countries partook in the survey, representing almost 96% of the world’s population. Tied with Myanmar, the United States ranks first in the World Giving Index, where a whopping 76% of the population helped a stranger, and 44% of the same population volunteered time (2014 World Giving Index). The Index also monitors how the rates of charity differ between nations, and how one can be encouraged to give in what...

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... American citizens give because they are naturally philanthropic, because they are bound by their religious duty to be charitable, and because they find it pragmatic to do so. In 1973, Gordon Sinclair stated that the United States was the "most generous and possibly the least appreciated people on all the Earth" (William J Bennett). One of the illnesses said to be plaguing America, our reliance on prescription drugs, could be remedied by simply sticking to what we are good at, and donating these stresses away. Our donating natures and propensity to give to those less fortunate has stood the test of time as this great nation continuously ranks high on the leaderboards when it comes to giving to others. America personifies generosity as Americans go the extra mile to help those in need as they understand that at the end of the day, the man who dies rich dies disgraced.

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