Essay about The United States Agency Of International Development

Essay about The United States Agency Of International Development

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Woodrow Wilson was the 28th President of the United States and held the office from 1913-1921. He became known as “the Crusader” due to his foreign policy theory that America should be a beacon of liberty and aggressively pursue the spread of democracy throughout the world. His policy would enable America to prosper economically and develop an international security community through the promotion of democracy in other nations. While former Secretary of State Kissinger writes in his book Diplomacy that 20th century American foreign policy has been driven by Wilsonian idealism, an analysis of 21st century US foreign policy reveals that, in fact, US foreign policy has been influenced by ideals that can be characterized as Hamiltonian, Jeffersonian, and Jacksonian as well.
The United States Agency of International Development (USAID) has published five strategic goals. Under these goals the USAID has formulated a total of thirteen objectives to give the strategy a more specific direction. In these strategic objectives there is representation of Wilsonian, Hamiltonian, Jeffersonian, and Jacksonian ideals. Current U.S. foreign policy certainly has a strong Wilsonian flavor. However, Wilson’s theory alone does not accurately portray U.S. foreign policy in the 21st century. Examples from 21st century US foreign policy reflect ideals and practices from not only Wilson, but also Hamilton, Jefferson, and Jackson.
The first example, USAID Strategic Objective 2.4, “Overcome Global Security Challenges through Diplomatic Engagement and Development Cooperation,” is a fundamental Wilsonian ideal. According to Kissinger, Wilson had dreamed of a “Community of Power” that would collectively provide international security. This community would c...

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...ews reported the U.S. spent around $900 million in military aid to help the Libyan people overthrow the oppressive dictator, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
Henry Kissinger’s position that Wilsonian foreign policy is the drumbeat to which America readily marches while conducting international relations (IR), does not tell the complete story in the twenty-first century. Walter Russell Mead would agree. The world political, social, and economic landscape is rapidly changing and demands a flexible approach to be successfully navigated. The U.S. government demonstrates its ability to be flexible, by not limiting foreign policy ideals to just Wilsonianism. Wilsonian, Hamiltonian, Jeffersonian, and Jacksonian theory each play an important role in how the U.S. conducts foreign affairs and these varying approaches to IR are directly related to America’s status as a world leader.

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