The United State As An Exchange Student Essay

The United State As An Exchange Student Essay

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Before I come to the United State as an exchange student, I lived in Thailand. I was also born in Thailand. I was always wanted to get the experiences in other country. I am so lucky that my parents are supporting me. Some of my friends, they are also want to study abroad but their parents did not agree with. I could not be here if my parents did not support me and give me suggestions. I came to U.S. in the senior year but my school put me in junior because they could not let me graduate if I will be study in this school just 1 year. So I have to repeat another year but I know this is not worthless, it is priceless.

24 hours on the plane to come to U.S, eight thousand miles away from home, has impacted to me. I have learned many things. Between Thai culture and American culture are very different. The first day of high school in U.S. for me was not a good day, I was struggled. I have learned English before I came to U.S. but when I talked to native speaker was not like what I have learned. Sometimes I did not understand what teacher and friends said. But after 3 months, I was getti...

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