The United Nations Should Intervene Against Kim Jong Un Regime 's Violation Of International Law

The United Nations Should Intervene Against Kim Jong Un Regime 's Violation Of International Law

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The United Nations should intervene in North Korea to stop Kim Jong-un regime’s violation of international law because these actions pose a threat towards the international community. Since Kim Jong Un came into power in December 2011, the Democrat People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) remains to be “the most repressive country in the world” (Human Rights Watch 2014). Although haven signed and ratified international human rights treaties, citizens of the DPRK are deprived of basic fundamental rights like right to freedom of thought, right to freedom of religion, and right to peaceful assembly. The totalitarian regime has continue to repress hundreds of thousands of citizens, varying in all age groups and gender, by enslaving them in prison camps those in similarity to Nazi Germany concentration camps (Walters 2014). Many North Korean citizens have faced a brutal reality since the Kim family came into rule in 1948 and will continue to have this reality unless the international community take action to resolve DPRK government violation of international law.
The United Nations have published a report on incomprehensible human rights violation in the DPRK. The U.N. Human Rights Council states, “The gravity, scale and nature of these violations reveal a State that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world”. Droughts in North Korea have reduced food production up to 50% (Thomson Reuters Foundation 2015). The scarcity of nutrition has resulted in mothers being forced by guards or family members to kill their newborns. Citizens who escape to China are often sent back to North Korea to be brutally tortured and then executed. In one case, a prisoner escaped from a camp. “He was captured and brought back, not in a car, but dragged ...

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...RK represses the fundamental freedom right of expression from its people and has intent with applying this repression on citizens of other nations. In November 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked by “a group calling themselves the Guardians of Peace” (Grisham 2015). It has been believed that North Korea is behind the cyberattack since Sony’s release of The Interview consist of a plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un. The hackers obtain internal data that could ruin the lives of millions who work for Sony Entertainment and those who were in association with the movie. The hackers also threaten to place attacks on theaters that screen the movie causing major setbacks on the movie’s release. This is an attempt of the DPRK regime imposing their abuse on American citizens over a Hollywood comedy. This reckless behavior possess a threat towards international security.

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