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The United Nations Security Council Essay

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Delegation from Represented by Russian Federation Palm Beach State College Position paper for the United Nations Security Council The international issues currently under discussion by the United Nations Security Council are: How to hand the current war with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, possible Measures that could be used to combat terrorism in Africa, and the Maintenance of International Peace and Security particularly in regards to Security Sector Reform (SSR). The Russian Federation hopes to come to be best solution for these problems with respects to every individual nation involved in the international community including those of the United Nations Security Council member states as well as those current in destabilized regions of the world.
I. The conflict in Iraq and the means to stability in the region The Russian Federation acknowledges that the conflict with the Islamic State’s takeover of Iraq and Syria must come to an end in both countries in order to achieve regional stability and for the continued preservation of stability within the international community. Since 2014 the Islamic State has largely been successful in its attempt to promote instability in Iraq, Syria, and the region as a whole as they now control around half of both Syria and Iraq and their international influence has grown with this expansion. It is possible that the Islamic State could use this new and greater influence to aggravate the current political unrest in parts of Russia neighboring the region particularly in Chechnya. Because of this is imperative that we work together as a community to continue the military effort against the Islamic State as this will allow us to not only contain their influence in the region but possible push b...

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... to uphold of the rule of law as this allows for a civil society to form. To ensure this leaders with a high approval rating in addition to a strong and uncorrupt military and police force in order to help put an end to such lawlessness in such states, as this should allow for a emergence of civil societies and a just government to emerge. However, because of the limited ability of our own member states to provide sufficient security officers it is imperative that we effectively train local governments to be able to do this on their own as this will not only allow such states to remain sovereign but is key towards long term peace and stability in the region. Through these actions in accordance with international standards and law the Russian Federation is hopeful that the United Nations will continue to improve its ability to promote international peace and stability.

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