The United Nations Conference Of Parties Essay

The United Nations Conference Of Parties Essay

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The United Nations Conference of Parties is on the verge of agreement for a new climate treaty. The prospect for a post-Kyoto environmental accord has been the goal of the Conference of Parties for many years. After the failures of the Copenhagen and Cancun Accords, in 2011 the UN launched a new method for negotiating a climate treaty with a deadline for 2015. The negotiations for the treaty are establishing the conditions necessary to pass the agreement by 2015 with plans for the treaty to take full effect in 2020. In order for the treaty to be passed it must overcome the primary obstacles that are prominently outlined by the Conference of Parties. These obstacles include the framework and architecture of the treaty, how equitable the treaty is, and the legal forms of the treaty. Another obstacle is Canada 's approach to the negotiations of the climate treaty and whether Canada will be more cooperative towards this treaty compared to the Kyoto-protocol, or if it will back out again. The climate treaty of 2015 represents the most promising initiative of UN signatories in the post-Kyoto landscape, however, there is a low prospect of this accord succeeding in the projected timelines due to obstacles that have arisen in discussions about framework and process. As will be shown, Canada’s recent position has done little to move these discussions forward.
The most promising prospect for a post-Kyoto environmental accord is a climate treaty that is to take effect in 2020 if it is passed. The method for negotiating the new climate treaty was launched at the Durban Conference in 2011. The method was labelled the Ad-Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP). The ADP planned to create the agreement that will "g...

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... the prospects of the United Nations Conference of Parties – representing all points along the economic development spectrum – coming to a unified stance on climate action are not promising. Important work must still be concluded toward agreed mechanisms of an eventual accord, and these are still being developed by the participants. Canada’s approach has not been thoroughly cooperative or helpful in this regard, as the present government’s de facto boycott of United Nations-led initiatives has become an international impediment. Even excluding Canada’s indolence on this file, the primary and most difficult obstacles on the way to a new treaty are the differentiation and equity issues between developing and developed countries, and these will only be resolved if all sides can agree to a compromise that can benefit all nations for reducing the threat of climate change.

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