The United Nations And International Relations Essay

The United Nations And International Relations Essay

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The state is one of the major actors in International Relations, but cannot always claim to be the major actor. The issues that a state might face in claiming the position as the major actor in international relations include non-state violent actors, international bodies, and ethnic groups. However, one must recognise that the state will still be a major actor, and this is to be expected in a world where certain countries are the powerhouses of the world.
The United Nations is an international body where many states are represented, and it can take action as a body on many different issues. For example, North Korea is a communist state that is currently experimenting with and trying to develop nuclear weaponry. This is an action highly condemned by the international community, and the United Nations has taken action through furthering the sanctions against the country. The United Nations is an international body made up of sovereign states and is taking action against a single country, thus showing its international relevance and power. The United Nations possesses an immense amount of power and can be seen as the major actor in international relations at certain times. Another example of the United Nations assuming the role as major actor in international politics is in the aid they give to war-torn countries and impoverished areas. The United Nations can give aid to groups or people inside of another country, and thus shows their power in overriding the state as the major actor. Another international body that can claim to be a major actor is the European Union. Many trade agreements are negotiated with the EU and not just the independent countries that make it up. The EU holds an enormous amount of economic power and sets econ...

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... in choosing the next government, and possibly taking control. Certain ethnic groups can also become major actors in international relations. The Kurds in the Middle East are major actors. This may be due to the power vacuum in the region at the moment. However, this does not matter, all that matters is showing that states are not always the major actor in international relations.
In a world where multiple nations hold great power and influence, states will always retain great influence in international relations. However, as shown above, other entities or bodies can become the major actors in international relations at some points, most notably, international bodies. While the world becomes more interconnected one will see the power and number of international bodies increase. Any organisation or body that holds power will have influence in international relations.

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