The United German Political Party Essay

The United German Political Party Essay

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Germany, is known to be a very diverse and integrated nation, a united German political party is only about 120 years in affect. Their life style, cultural and geography and diversity is no different from a Britain, France or Italy, it’s just that in Germany the political views are much different they are very diverse in their views and opinions due to the fact that they have a decentralized federal system of government, and not having a dominant capital city also places a roll in there system, the government played a big role in all aspects of this nation, from economics, socially, religion, and environmental, with hard work from the government and the people it made this country one of the top countries to date.
Since 1945 Germany has been split politically between East and West, but in fact culturally the older division is between north and south, which put a strain on the nation’s political separation. The federal system gives the land government the authority to handle issues pertaining to education, culture, justice and economic policies. This decentralization works because it brings competition and decision making closer to the people this system has been seen by sister countries and adopted in some areas of operation.
By these other countries taking on Germanys concept of operation would cause drawback in the case of Germany, the country doesn’t have a proper capital structure so at this point they started the process to make Bonn Germany the capital city, they were also able to spread the growth of some federal institutions around the country rather than have all of them solely located in Bonn Germany, but as time went on many politicians wish the capital city would have been one of the major cities in Germany,...

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...which today has more privilege than any other faith in a Communist Europe. After the war the anti-Nazi movement begun and the Protestant church led the charge and in doing so received some respect from the communist leaders for their pursuit for the end of the Nazi rein, the Protestant church was more up front to get what they thought they deserved they were the strongest of the two the situation to date is that both leaders from the church and from the state will admit it’s not a friendship but a reasoning deal on both sides. Each side today knows and respects each other’s limits, the agreement between the two gives the church more freedom to deal with their counter parts in the west, financial stability and the freedom to occupy numerous facilities to put a stamp on to say this is our place of worship. This was the beginning of the state and church working as one.

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