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The United Colonies Essay

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Day 1 (lesson) – Deb
What / where is one of America’s thirteen original colonies? Who were the colonists that settled there? What goods and services were available in the colony?

On the prior Friday, the students will be informed that they will research and present to the class one of the thirteen colonies. The students will provide a first, second, third choice of which colony they would like to research. The students are then given a colony based on their selection priorities. Students are provided non-fiction books (developmentally appropriate for each child) and a list of key facts that will need to be shared in their presentation.
Homework Fact Sheet

Students working on the same colony will be paired. The pairs of students will share and compare the key information they individually collected on the fact sheets. Each pair of students will decide on and create a presentation using their choice of method / style. A few examples include travel brochure, poster, and PowerPoint. Students will also be provided a copy of the rubric that will be used to score their presentation.

Objective: Given appropriate leveled non-fiction books and a fact sheet, students will gather key information (including founders, date founded, products produced, etc.) on one of the 13-colonies and work with another student to create a presentation to share information on their colony with the class.
Formative assessment: Review student fact sheets for accurate, relevant information on their colony. A preliminary review presentation project to ensure relevant information is being captured.

Differentiation is provided in both the reading level of the non-fiction books and the choice of presentation method/ style.

Homework: Students will be enc...

... middle of paper ...

...ssessment. It will be key to review the questions after the answers are revealed to ensure understanding especially if answered incorrectly.

Day 8 (Summative Assessment) – Deb
Timeline / Cartoon Strip

What events led to the American Revolution?

Students will be provided the following graphic organizer:
Comic Strip/ Timeline Assessment

Students will draw a picture depicting the major events leading up to the American Revolution. Below each box (drawing), there is space for students to write the key facts (who, why, where) about each of the pictures they have drawn.

Criteria: Can students provide important facts / pictures about one of the 13-colonies and just search of the events leading up to the American Revolution?

Differentiation: A word bank and/ or pictures to paste into the boxes can be provided. Students can also verbally describe their pictures.

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