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In this essay, I shall analyse the above statement, approaching the unitary frame of reference from both a positive and a negative viewpoint. Comparisons will then be made between the unitary frame of reference and other frames of reference (pluralism and radical frames of reference). The real world application of each of these frames of reference shall be discussed and theories to either support or disprove the above statement shall be analysed. I will then form a conclusion as to whether I agree or disagree with the above statement.
Dunlop(1958) argues that in the system of industrial relations, there are 3 major components in the system. There are the actors, the context and the common ideology. The actors consist of the employers and their organizations and employees and, if present, the groups that represent them and the state or government agencies. The second major component, the context, is the situation or environment that influences any decision or activity, this is usually technology, market constraints or distribution of power in the wider society. The common ideology, under which the purpose of this essay falls, can be seen as a binding idea or theory which the actors share for the purpose of stability in the system. Under the common ideology component, there are various conflicting theories or frames of reference.
A frame of reference can be described as a viewpoint from which one sees employee relations and based on which problems encountered during such relations are approached and subsequently solved. “Perception.........determines judgements which in turn determine subsequent behaviour.” (Fox A.1966). Frame of reference is also defined as a “conceptual structure of generalizations or contexts, .........assump...

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...d coordinating it towards a satisfactory compromise that is positive for the company.

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